Mabinogion Illustrations.


The Mabinogion is the earliest collection of prose found in Britain, compiled in the 12th century from spoken word.

They are stories of pre Christian Celtic mythology, and Anglo-French influences.



Based on the story of Ceridwen, a powerful witch who had two children, a beautiful girl and an ugly son. To help him, she made a potion of knowledge. This potion would only be contained in the first three drops, after that it became a poison. Ceridwen's boy helper Gwion was stirring the potion and accidentally spilled some on his hand and instinctively licked it off, thus obtaining the knowledge. A powerful chase ensued where both Gwion and Ceridwen changed themselves into various animals, At one stage Gwion became a hare and Ceridwen, a greyhound. Eventually, while they fought in the sea, Ceridwen swallowed Gwion. The witch later gave birth to Gwion, reborn as the child prodigy Taliesin, who later became a well known poet and prophet.

This one of my favourite stories of the Mabinogion and I have created a great deal of art with hares. While I was working on this, I was listening to the album "Windows in the Sky" by Alex Henry Foster, "The Hunter" fitted perfectly, so I asked for his permission to use the song and publish it with the creation video (you'll find below). 

I am eternally grateful.